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Dear colleague,


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the XIII Iberian Congress of Herpetology, under the motto "Risk Assessment in Herpetology and Conservation", to be held on the campus of the University of Aveiro, 30th September to 4th October 2014.

The headquarters of the Congress will be the Auditorium of the Edifício Central e da Reitoria, located on the campus of Santiago. The campus and the city of Aveiro offer all kinds of services and facilities for the development of Congress, such as proximity to a wide variety of accommodation and good accessibility.

As organizers of the Congress, the Department of Biology (DBIO) and the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), both from the University of Aveiro, and the Center for Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Research (CIBIO), expect this Congress is a forum where the participantes can discuss and disseminate the latest advances in knowledge about amphibians and reptiles, and where to bring together scientists, conservationists and aficionados who, from different perspectives, share a common goal: the preservation of herpetofauna.

The panoply of changes that the planet is suffering and the speed at which they occur decisively affect amphibians and reptiles, gravely endangering their future, which is why this Congress has a special interest in debating the risks to which they are subject amphibians and reptiles, as well as the identification of measures to ensure its preservation.


We hope to see you in Aveiro!


The Organizing Committee

Congress Collaborators

  • Ariana Moutinho
  • Inês Bulhosa
  • Sara Costa
  • Isabel Damas
  • Nuno Costa
  • Bárbara Santos
  • Cátia Venâncio
  • Emanuele Fasola
  • Iolanda Rocha
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