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  International Contest of Herpetological Scientific Illustration - Regulation english version
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    Concurso Internacional de Ilustração Herpetológica - Regulamento (portuguese version)
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Herpetology is one of the several branches of the Zoological Knowledge that much rests on the visual component translated by scientific illustration to convey their findings and interpretative theories, to the universe of researchers (Scientific Communication, sensu stricto) and also to Society in general (Science Communication, sensu lato), through scientific speech.

Thus, this contest and exhibition seeks to promote and encourage the creation of models of communication and disclosure of Herpetology based on image strategically planned and built - modelled (3D) or drawn (2D). It is intended for professional and amateur illustrators able to create original illustrations, both aesthetically appealing and also scientifically credible and accurate.

One of the main objectives of this innovative initiative is to promote the work of illustrators with recognised merit, as well as all other illustrators whose work is equally valid and note worthy in this area of Zoology. This targets to encourage, support and find new and potential values (as future and potential human resources), which could be, in the future, specialised technicians also able to contribute actively to conduct herpetological illustration to the next quality level - further enhancing the understanding and dissemination of Herpetology. Indeed, it is aimed to demonstrate and strengthen the fact that Art and Science are both excellent and synergistic and therefore both are at the service of a better Knowledge and Progress.



Amphibians and reptiles, contemporary (extant species) and / or extinct (related to all the major extinctions with scientifically proven fossil record), with special emphasis on those with threatened status or declared endangered, whether aquatic or terrestrial.

The representation of these animals can be made based on the figuration of the external anatomy (to scale or proportional, of the adult stage or all the others that make up the life cycle, such as eggs / embryos, larvae, juveniles, etc) and / or essays on internal anatomy (skeletal elements, muscle sets, vital organ systems, etc.); or presence records - as nests, resting sites, perforations, excavation, track ways; others. The species can be illustrated alone and without scenic background, interacting with other individuals of the same species or inter-species relationships (behavioural hypothesis, such as mating, younglings’ protection, predation or other feeding strategies, etc..) or included in a niche or habitat.

Illustration of identified species as occurring in Portugal is encouraged; however illustration of species with other continental records and / or marine fully competes on equal terms with the former (without any penalisation in any manner of evaluation criteria).



Illustration and / or classical painting techniques (graphite pencil, colour, china ink, pastel, acrylics, watercolours, gouache, oil, etc.) in digital environment (2D or 3D), or using hybrid techniques (mixed).

The works / illustrations submitted to competition should be high quality printed copies (we recommend high quality photography - professional) and already framed with profile in light wood and acrylic glass (to prevent breakage and illustration damage, during transport and / or exposure), ready to be hanged. Must be accompanied by a CD / DVD with scanning (300 dpi; 2D illustrations) or by the original file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, full size (no interpolation, 1:1, RGB), uncompressed, recorded in the following formats JPEG compression level 12; Uncompressed TIFF; PSD, or PDF (on CD-ROM or DVD).

The CD / DVD and other printed materials will not be returned.

All exhibited works will be returned to authors, by hand delivery or by mail, and in the mode of collection prior to delivery (mail order) to pick up the work in the post office of the address indicated by the Author.

The minimum size of the framed piece is 297 x 210 mm (11.69 x 8.27 inches); no maximum size and shape (lying or landscape / scenery; upright, portrait / landscape) is free.

No artwork sent via email will be accepted.



The contest will only take place if there is a minimum of fifteen (15) competitors with valid submissions.

All people over 18 years of Portuguese nationality or another, either from other Portuguese-speaking countries or not, can compete and submit artwork. Participation implies that the artwork is accompanied by the Identification Form (see Annex). The absence of this document automatically excludes the work of the contest.

Contestants may submit up to five (5) framed works, each with their Identification Form.



The works are selected by an endorsed jury panel, taking into account the scientific rigor, respect for conventions / rules governing the Scientific Illustration / Herpetological Illustration, capacity and technical expertise in the representation and also the quality aesthetics of imagery together.

Any work submitted to the competition must be strictly original and any detected plagiarism (unauthorised copying) results in immediate disqualification and / or loss of any prizes awarded. The simple act of submitting work to the competition constitutes unilateral declaration taking the author sole responsibility and clears completely and without recourse to organise any penalties / complaints / future legal actions arising from its eventual publication / unauthorised use.

Models in sculpture, photography, film or animation will not be accepted for competition.



The jury is composed by:

  • Fernando Correia (biologist and scientific illustrator, director of the Scientific Illustration Lab / Debio-Aveiro University and Chair of the Foundation Mata do Buçaco, FP, Portugal),
  • Isabel Lopes (Principal researcher and Chairman of the Organising and Scientific Committees of the XIII Iberian Congress of Herpetology, University of Aveiro, Portugal),
  • Neftali Sillero (Assistant Researcher, University of Porto, Portugal),
  • Miguel Carretero (Assistant Researcher, University of Porto, Portugal) and
  • Amadeu Soares (Full Professor and Director of the Department of Biology at UA, Portugal).

The jury’s' decision is final and without appeal. The jury also reserves the right not to award one or more of the advertised prizes if the quality of the work does not justify.



Shipping / delivery of artwork for the contest must be done no later than September 12, 2014 (postage stamp or postal registration) and follows entirely at the expense of the author.

Evaluation of the work: 13 to 25 of September

Notification of selected works: 26 to 28 of September

The Works must be sent by post or delivered by hand at the headquarters of the event.

Secretaria Executiva do XIII Iberian Congress if Herpetology
A/c Isabel Lopes
Departamento de Biologia
Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Santiago
810-193 Aveiro

The Organisation is not liable for any damages arising from transportation or loss. Competitors are advised to provide good packaging in case of transport by mail, as well as making the postal record of them, so as to minimise damage and eventual loss, respectively.

In order to avoid customs fees it is advisable that the works of foreign authors- candidates are declared as "no commercial value" or "donation" (if fingerprints), or as a "loan" (if they are of a different nature and the author wishes its return); the Organization is not responsible for paying any customs fees for retrieving the work of customs services, nor by the same fate due to non-payment of these fees.



The jury will meet at a date previous to the beginning XIII Iberian Congress of Herpetology (30 September to 4 October 2014, Aveiro, Portugal) for evaluation of all works submitted for contest (13 to 25 September).

A first selection will contemplate all works with the required quality to participate in the First International Exhibition of Herpetological Scientific Illustration, which will be held at the XIII Iberian Congress of Herpetology at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Of these, the jury also selects the following prizes:

1st prize  
  • 500 euros (Dbio)
  • Registration in one of the training units (Zoological Illustration or other included in a curricular structure) of the Training Course in Scientific Illustration (University of Aveiro / Portugal; academic year 2014-2015, no prize money, i.e., is not exchangeable for money, but that is equivalent to a value of about 320 euros).
  • Accommodation, for one night, in one of the Houses of Bussaco (TER; 4 people) by appointment and subject to availability (no prize money, i.e., is not exchangeable for money, but that is equivalent to a value of about 85-75 euros).
  • Cover of the Book of Proceedings / communications of the Congress
  • Diploma
2nd prize  
  • 300 euros (Dbio)
  • Registration in one of the seminars (integrated into UF's Seminars I and / or II) Training Course in Scientific Illustration (University of Aveiro / Portugal; academic year 2014-2015) or, alternatively, a practical theoretical stage specialisation with the duration of one week and taking place at LIC (no prize money, i.e., is not exchangeable for money, but that is equivalent to a value of about 250 euros).
  • Accommodation, for one night, at one of the Houses of Bussaco (TER; 4 people) by appointment and subject to availability (no prize money, i.e., is not exchangeable for money, but that is equivalent to a value of about 85-75 euros).
  • Cover of the Book of Proceedings / communications of Congress
  • Diploma
3rd prize  
  • 200 euros (Dbio)
  • Accommodation, for one night, in one of the Houses of Bussaco (TER; 4 people) by appointment and subject to availability (no prize money, i.e., is not exchangeable for money, but that is equivalent to a value of about 85-75 euros).
  • Collection of books published by the Department of Biology, University of Aveiro
  • Diploma
3 Citations of Merit  
  • Diploma of Certification of Merit
  • Book collection of the Department of Biology, University of Aveiro

in addition,

Special Audience Award (by Congress participants vote and affluent audience to the exhibition) - Collection books edited by the Department of Biology, University of Aveiro.

All authors honoured with the presence of one or more works in the collective exhibition will receive a Certificate of Participation CIIH.

The artworks may also be published in the Catalogue of the First International Exhibition of Herpetological Scientific Illustration to be edited in the future (editing PDF is automatically guaranteed, the paper edition, will depend on obtaining a sponsor).

The results’ announcement to participants will be made up to 2 of October 2014, inviting the authors to attend the closing session (the Organization does not support travel costs and / or accommodation), where will be formally announced the winners of the prizes in this edition of the International Contest, proceeding to the hand delivery of their prize (if the author is present or a representative expressly authorized for the purpose).



The works will be available to be returned from November 15, 2014 and may be collected at the delivery address or sent by mail, with the values of the shipping and handling charges. Customs, insurance and work devolution expenses are not covered.



When presenting and submitting the work (s) to the contest the candidate is implicitly and explicitly accepting this Regulation and authorizing and endowing to the entities Scientific Illustration Laboratory, Department of Biology (Debio-Lic) / University of Aveiro (Portugal) and the Foundation Mata do Buçaco, FP, the illustration / painting non-exclusive copyrights (©), in the following situations:

a)   the dissemination, promotion and merchandising of the competition (such as brochures, posters, postcards, calendars, articles in the media, website and / or catalogue printed or online);
b)   in editorial projects coordinated by each of them (independently or together) and publications, whether printed or on-line (Internet), also in promotional materials (textiles, banners or banner ads, etc.), merchandising, or editions / publications in other media (such as screen printing, for example.). Both entities are committed however to always reference the author (or signature on illustration, or caption, or the Technical and / or Credits Copyright page of the publication in matter). Both entities mentioned above are however prohibited to sell / assign / rent these images as imagistic units to third parties, whether singular people, corporate or institutional, private or public-state. The Author, with this consent fully maintains the negotiate power and, consequently, the overall management of the reproduction right towards their customers (sales, rental, lending, etc.). In case of future sale and on an exclusive basis of the image copyright in question, it is advisable for the Author to advise his client of this permission hereby expressly granted.




  • Fernando Correia / UA, Portugal
  • Isabel Lopes / UA, Portugal

(please, find the Identification Form on the attached PDF documents - see above)

Congress Collaborators

  • Inês Bulhosa
  • Cátia Venâncio
  • Isabel Damas
  • Emanuele Fasola
  • Bárbara Santos
  • Ariana Moutinho
  • Iolanda Rocha
  • Nuno Costa
  • Sara Costa
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