Miguel Ángel Carretero

Miguel Ángel Carretero

Researcher at CIBIO (Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos / Researcher Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources) - University of Porto

General secretary of AHE (Asociación Herpetológica Española)


Miguel A. Carretero (Barcelona, 1962) is PhD in Biology for Univ. Barcelona and researcher at CIBIO-Univ. Porto since 2011. His integrative research uses reptiles as main (but not exclusive) model organisms embracing studies on ecology, physiology, behaviour, morphology, life history, biogeography, interspecific relationships and conservation if under an evolutionary framework. He is author of more than 270 scientific publications and the current general secretary of AHE.

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Congress Collaborators

  • Sara Costa
  • Isabel Damas
  • Emanuele Fasola
  • Cátia Venâncio
  • Iolanda Rocha
  • Ariana Moutinho
  • Bárbara Santos
  • Nuno Costa
  • Inês Bulhosa
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