Transferring Herpetological knowledge to Conservation Biology

(by Armando Loureiro)

The knowledge of biology, corologia and genetic diversity, in the field of herpetology, increased exponentially in the last two decades in Portugal. Nevertheless, the transfer of this knowledge to the Scientific Instruments of Land Management and especially for the management programs of nature conservation and environmental assessment is inexpressive.

The lack of long-term monitoring and segregation of human resources between management and research centers, programs are still obstacles to be overcome.

Congress Collaborators

  • Nuno Costa
  • Ariana Moutinho
  • Bárbara Santos
  • Isabel Damas
  • Inês Bulhosa
  • Iolanda Rocha
  • Cátia Venâncio
  • Emanuele Fasola
  • Sara Costa
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