Enrique García Muñoz

Enrique García Muñoz

Researcher at CESAM (Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar / Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies) - University of Aveiro


Enrique García Muñoz (Linares, 1978) is PhD in Biology for University of Jaén. His multidisciplinary research (ecology, limnology, ecotoxicology, biochemistry, histology, physiology, behaviour, biogeography) under a evolutionary point of view, focuses principally on the study of carry-over effects of contaminants on individuals subsequent life history and consequent on population and community dynamics and how important is individual variation in chemical tolerance to population, community and ecosystem dynamics. In order to solve this question He use amphibian and reptiles as a model. He is author of more than 72 scientific publications.

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Congress Collaborators

  • Inês Bulhosa
  • Ariana Moutinho
  • Bárbara Santos
  • Emanuele Fasola
  • Nuno Costa
  • Sara Costa
  • Iolanda Rocha
  • Cátia Venâncio
  • Isabel Damas
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